Dexterity determines turn order, so a high Dexterity is always useful. Raising your Dexterity allows you to attack earlier and more often. If you can kill the opposing Champion before it has a chance to attack, you’re safe and can apply your full Troop bonuses.

Stats For The Attack Turn

Base Damage - Increases the damage dealt by a successful attack, similar to troops’ Attack values. You won’t see Base Damage in many slots since it’s intended to be that weapon’s core damage stat.

Bonus Damage - Increase your Damage to take away more of the enemy’s Health on each hit. Bonus Damage is smaller than Base Damage, but you can have Bonus Damage multiple times on a piece of equipment.

Strength – Adds to the damage dealt and reduces the enemy’s chance to Block.

Dexterity - Adds to your chance to do a Critical Hit.

Hit - The likelihood your attack will successfully connect.

Crit - Increases your chance to do a Critical Hit, which deals significantly more damage than regular attacks.

Stats For The Defend Turn

Armor – Lowers the amount of damage an enemy attack does, similar to your troops’ Defense rating.

Dexterity - Reduces the attacker’s chance to land a successful Hit. A missed attack does no damage.

Health - How much damage you can take before your Champion is defeated, reduces the attacker’s chance to do a Critical Hit.

Block - Increases the chance that your Champion will block an attacker’s strike. A blocked attack does no damage.

The Relationship Between Health and Buffs

Even if your Champion is defeated in battle, you can still prevent the opposing Champion from providing the enemy troops with their full bonuses. The buffs that Champions inspire in their troops are dependent on the Champion’s Health, so even if you’re defeated, get the enemy Champion to as low Health as you can to limit its buffs.

The Champion’s Role For Defenders

Champions are a boon for defenders because they will defend your castle in every attack. An attacker can only send at most four Champions from four cities, but your defending Champion will participate in every attack. Once an attacker has its Champion marching, that Champion’s equipment cannot be changed, so use the View Champion Hall feature to see what gear the opposing Champion is equipped with and change your set to counter theirs.

Examples Of Match-Ups

Pay attention to all of your opponent’s stats. The Champion may have several stats that are high, so multiple counters and strategies could be needed.
When facing a Champion with stats higher than yours, you can either focus on equipping gear that raises your stats to match theirs and lessen their advantage or equip gear that raises stats that counter the enemy’s highest values.

If you’re facing a Champion with high:

Damage - Equip high Armor gear to reduce the Damage, raise your Health so you can take more damage without being downed, equip high Block to negate the damage, and raise your Dexterity to lower their Hit

Dexterity - Raise your defensive stats to survive their attacks or raise Dexterity and Health to reduce their buff to Crit

Hit - Raise your defensive stats so that you reduce the Damage from a successful attack, and raise your Dexterity to lower the effectiveness of their Hit

Crit - Raise your defensive stats so that you reduce the Damage from the attack, raise your Dexterity to attack them before they attack you, raise your Block to try to prevent them from hurting you at all, and raise your Health to reduce their Crit chance

Armor - Raise your Damage, Crit, and Strength to inflict as much Damage as possible. A Critical Hit is more likely to overcome an enemy’s Armor value

Health - Raise your Damage and Strength to inflict as much Damage as possible

Block - Raise your Strength to reduce their chance to block or your Dexterity to attack more and have more chances to land a successful hit

Strength - Raise your Armor and Health to withstand their attacks

If you’re facing a Champion with low:

Damage - Raise your Armor to negate what little damage they do

Dexterity - Raise your Dexterity to go first and equip your high-Damage and Hit gear to make a killing blow before they can attack

Hit - Raise your Dexterity and Crit to land stronger attacks

Crit - Equip your high Armor gear to make their hits do as little damage as possible

Armor - Raise your Damage and Strength buffs to do as much damage as you can to kill them quickly

Health - Equip Crit and Damage sets to kill them before they can do damage

Block - Equip Damage gear so that your attacks count the most when they’re hitting

Strength - Raise your Block or Armor to negate damage