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Thread: Throne Room - Jewels FAQ

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    Throne Room - Jewels FAQ

    Welcome to the Throne Room - Jewels FAQ!


    Jewels are special additions to your Throne Room items to add a sixth effect to the item. Each Jewel is capable of assigning one specific effect to one Throne Room item after the Jewel has been set in the item. Jewels can only be set in items that have been Enhanced to the Miraculous quality or in Unique items. Broken Throne Room items cannot have Jewels set in them or Jewels removed until they have been repaired.

    Where to get Jewels

    Jewels can be found in Wilds, Dark Forests, Player vs Player combat, and from special events and boxes. Attack higher level areas on the map to have the greatest chance to find a Jewel. Different Jewels are found in different areas, so if you canít find a specific Jewel, explore new areas to find different Jewels.

    Jewels can be found alongside Throne Room and Champion Hall items, so itís possible to find both a new piece of equipment and a Jewel from the same battle.

    Jewels in your Inventory

    Jewels you earn after a battle work the same as Throne Room items you earn in combat. You will see the Jewel in your battle report and then itís automatically added to your list under the Jewel tab in the Throne Room. The tab in your Inventory also works the same as Throne Room items you win from events or boxes. If you win a Jewel, a Jewel card will appear on the Jewel tab in your Inventory, you will have to select Use, and then the Jewel will appear in your list in the Throne Room.


    The cap on the number of Jewels you can own is a per-Jewel cap rather than a global cap. So you can have 150 Cracked Attack Jewels, 150 Flawed Attack Jewels, 150 Cloudy Attack Jewels, 150 Cracked Defense Jewels, etc all in your Jewel list at the same time.

    Setting Jewels

    When selecting a Jewel to set, you can sort your inventory using the options on the left of the menu. Jewels can be filtered by their quality and by the type of stats they give. Once you have selected your Jewel, click the Set button to add that Jewel and its effect to your Throne Room item. Once a Jewel has been set into an item, the Jewel cannot be used again in another item.

    Jewel Stats and Quality

    The effect a Jewel imparts on your Throne Room item is determined by what kind of Jewel you set in the item. Jewels come in several quality ratings that determine the strength of their stats, so more fragile Jewels will offer lesser bonuses. Your Throne Room itemís Might will also grow based on the quality of the Jewel set.

    • Effects from Cracked Jewels stop growing at level 6 and provide a Might boost of 5%
    • Effects from Flawed Jewels stop growing at level 9 and provide a Might boost of 10%
    • Effects from Cloudy Jewels stop growing at level 12 and provide a Might boost of 15%
    • Effects from Subdued Jewels stop growing at level 16 and provide a Might boost of 25%
    • Effects from Bright Jewels stop growing at level 17 and provide a Might boost of 33%


    The stats given by Jewels reflect the upgrade level of the item the Jewel is set in. If you already have a Throne Room item at +5 and place a Jewel in it, its sixth line stat will be the same as if you set the Jewel in a +0 Throne Room item and then Upgraded it to +5.

    Stats displayed in the Jewel list

    The stats shown for a Jewel in the list in your Throne Room are dynamic based on the itemís Upgrade level. A Jewel to be set in a +0 item will show a 5% buff but that same Jewel when set on a +2 item will show 9%, since the second item has been upgraded twice. The sixth line stat derives its value from the level of the Throne Room item.

    Removing Jewels

    If you decide to change the Jewel set in an item, select the item from your Inventory and return to the Jewel tab. The Set button will have changed to Remove, allowing you to take out the Jewel and its effect. Jewels are destroyed in the removal process, so they cannot be reused. Once a Jewel is removed, the sixth effect from the Throne Room item is also removed, your itemís Might returns to its pre-Jeweled level, and some Aetherstone can be returned to you. The Throne Room item retains its Miraculous quality after the Jewel has been removed.

    Items with Jewels cannot be salvaged. To salvage an item, first remove the Jewel, and then use the Salvage or Mass Salvage menu options.

    ? mouseover text

    • Jewels can only be set in Miraculous quality items
    • The type of the Jewel determines the stat given to the Throne Room item
    • The quality of the Jewel determines the strength and maximum growth level of the stat
    • Jewels cannot be reused after they have been set or removed

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