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DarkAngel's 431

Get Gems and Win!
Event Period: Thursday June 5th, 10am PDT - Friday June 5th, 10pm PDT

Dear Ladies and Lords of Camelot,

Purchase the following Gem packages and receive great fortune in return! All purchases even include Crimson and Golden tickets which can be used for points in King Arthur's Collection Carnival! Each Crimson Ticket is worth 1 point and each Golden Ticket is worth 10 points! For more details about the Carnival, click here.

Purchase a Page’s Package (300 Gems): 30 Helga Mystery Boxes AND 5 Crimson Tickets!
Purchase a Knight's Package (1100 Gems): 110 Helga Mystery Boxes AND 1 Golden Ticket!
Purchase a Prince’s Package (2850 Gems): 260 Helga Mystery Boxes AND 2 Golden Tickets!

Top Honors go to the King’s Package (6000 Gems): 580 Helga Mystery Boxes AND 5 Golden Tickets!