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Thread: mercenaires suite a la maintenance

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    Thumbs up mercenaires suite a la maintenance

    Make Up Merc Tile Event
    Due to some emergency maintenance done during the Merc Tile events running on domains 435, 453, and 454, we had to prematurely end the event 12 hours early. To make up for this we plan on running a Make Up Merc Tile event on those domains.

    Here is the schedule for those events:

    Make Up Group 1 (November 3 from 3am to 3pm PDT)
    Domain: 435

    Make Up Group 2 (November 4 from 3am to 3pm PDT)
    Domain: 453

    Make Up Group 3 (November 5 from 3am to 3pm PDT)
    Domain: 454

    Because of this delay it will also delay our Halloween Collection event final tally which will have to be posted AFTER this final event has completed.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    ou sont ils?????????????????????????????????????

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    Oui effectivement, ou sont-ils ?

    A 11h j'ai regarder, rien, a 12h ... rien

    D'avance merci

    Edit a 13:15 ; enfin trouver les mercenaires ...

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