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Thread: 434 need a merger

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    434 need a merger

    Kocmon say 1200 players hmm... in the reality we are 150 players. The most of them tournament players. The rest 1050 are seconds. Cero acitivity, no fighters and no fun.

    A lot of players have quit the game in last 4 weeks.

    Why we should spend money, we have no more enemies.

    Merge 434 with another Domain or we all quit the game in a few month.

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    Goodluck, you know kabams money maker is mobile gaming so a handful of players saying they will quit is no big deal on a dieing game, in fact a dieing beta game still not finished..

    As for merges if and when they come it will happen to all domains not just 1 or 2 and in kabams time frame..

    Myself i would love to see merges, merge all domains into 3 or 4 domains with the exception of 415 pvp domain and the test domains, because they are different, sucks but 415 will have to remain by it self because of its set up and test domains could merge together..

    Then open 1 or 2 new domains because there fun and new players could start fresh instead of in an established domain, sure they will still be behind with out the knowledge but by older players helping and giving info it is a pretty easy game to play and can be really simple and fun..
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    That is true. last domain merger 434 was left out.^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by 434 View Post
    That is true. last domain merger 434 was left out.^^
    Check out our thread requesting 444 merger. You might find some ideas or add ideas for us. More people rattling the cages is better.
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