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Thread: New Golden Animals Make Them Giftable and Breedable

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    Please???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????

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    Chris Dick
    Whatever HAPPENED to the promise when the GOLDEN EGG LEFT that there was going to be a way to get more? Please either make them breedable or a way we can get more.

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    Me too i agree my golden egg thing never did work so i didnt ever beable to get the goldens and i wrote and wrote to ry they never responed so yes i too would so much believe it would be fair toalot of players to ahve thes breedable

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    Rock you please bring the goldens back out and add new ones make them breedable and giftable we all enjoy our goldens your are taken all the fun out of zoo by making most of the animals fbc and not giftable if we cant breed and gift then it gets really boring. You are loosing players because of this and will loose more if this continues. Listen to your players!!!!

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    What an awesome idea! Come on Rock You, we would all like the opportunity to have these Goldens added to our zoos.

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    Make them giftable and breedable

    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Dukes View Post
    Hello RockYou !

    Hello, come on RockYou! You already know that all zooers love the golden animals :O) So, why not make more goldens? Can you make them giftable and breedable? Hatching just didnt pan out the way it was supposed to... Facebook gave a 5k Limit on friends and some of us has been at the 5k mark for over a year or more so we could never benefit from the new zoomate recruiting process. ~ nope.

    Well, what do you need to proceed with this idea? If a few thousand people said, 'more goldens' would that persuade you?

    In advance thanks for all you do and have done ok. Hope to hear from you soon !

    ~BD zoo family and friends

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    I think the most fair that everyone could have one. And since some of us have a pair to breed at least to start gifting them. Everybody wants the golden, are in high demand indeed.

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