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Thread: Could you issue my champ with a mobile phone?

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    Could you issue my champ with a mobile phone?

    Yeah. Champs wandered off marching and hasn't returned.

    A six year old programmer could code a fix for it.

    Its possible on a mobile phone to call someone else around the other side of the world 24/7 - but its not possible to program a fix for this game stopping issue?

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    A phone for champs, Great idea

    Serious note - IF you play on facebook this may help ->

    Not quite sure how to fix it if you only play on kabam w/o facebook, maybe try assigning another champ elsewhere to kind of update it?

    well all assuming you did the usual run around, clear cache, refresh, restart browser

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    Cheers for that - he went missing again today. But he's back now.

    I don't usually play from facebook. But next time I'll try what you suggested.


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