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Thread: Losing food very quickly

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    Losing food very quickly

    Is there a known bug concerning rapid food loss?

    I have been losing food at a rate of approx 5 billion per day for the last week despite dismissing 4 million high upkeep troops, 50% troop food reduction, 25% food production increase, 16,198% food production in TR, level 12 food guardians, etc. My current setup is very similar to the setup that I had 2 weeks ago that was increasing food units each day. If you are aware of any please point me to any threads on this subject.


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    Double check you have no Troops reinforcing you.
    Also check whether you have the correct set-up in TR
    Bonus to Raids is one that helps and we can easily forget to set back if we've worked on TR.
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    I have the food problem myself. Almost everyday I wake up and log in one city, and always the same one, has no food and lord knows how long it was like that. So please fix this.

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    A couple of my players have this issue just another glitch .. like chat going missing, being unable to mine amber, tr not changing, champ upgrade not working, champs going missing more and more often.. the list is growing these days and the glitches hapening more and more often

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    only time i had this happen to me i had forgotten i had troops sat waiting to be set to defend in the city, ya dont see them unless u look but they still eat food

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    I had a city that was the black hole of food. I ended up stomping it as even totally empty, it was still consuming a lot of food. New city is not having that problem.
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    Could this be because of wounded troops? One of my cities has a lot of wounded troops and no other troops or reinforcements and it has upkeep of 2.2 million food/hour.

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