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Thread: Server 458 not loading

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    Exclamation Server 458 not loading

    Hello, everybody!

    I have been having problems loading Server Caval458. It was at first telling me that "Kingdoms of Camelot cannot process your request due to excess traffic. Please try again later". Then, later, when I reloaded it because it did not give me my daily gift, it turned into a black screen and would not load. I deleted most of my cookies and my cache, and it still did not load. I have also tried server Celidon459 and it loaded just fine. Does anybody know if this server has an overload of traffic that crashed it?

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    it is ok now... it loads

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    me too same im waiting for hours

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    Try a few things. Disable all scripts, if you use them. Check and make sure your GreaseMonkey is a signed and not a beta version as this causes white screen. Clear your cache by running CCleaner and also clean out your viruses using Malware Bytes. All have a free trial. Then reboot the computer. Hopefully that will fix it. If not you can reach me on Skype and I will help you further.
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