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Thread: Make breed list customizable

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    Lightbulb Make breed list customizable

    Would be nice if we had a choice of the way our breed animals are by times, levels, alphabetical etc. would make breeding much easier and organized. Also maybe a box to check that would move all the animals that have been bred to admin trophy to the end of the list.

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    oooh yes - not having to scroll through the entire list every time is a wonderful idea!!!

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    i agree this is a good idea. It would be so much more organized and user friendly. good idea!

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    This would be an incredible idea to make available to us! I hope it will be implemented!

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    Ruth Evans
    I also agree that this would be a wonderful idea. It would make it so much easier to find an animal. I also suggest that you organize or give us the option to alphabetize our animals in the shop. I keep an inventory and sometimes I'm off and it would be SOO much easier to go down the list alphabetically to find my mistake.

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