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Thread: Make ALL animasl AND items giftable

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    Lightbulb Make ALL animasl AND items giftable

    PLEASE READ AND SERIOUSLY CONSIDER THIS!!!! I would be awesome if everything was giftable. Since it costs us zoodollars fbc and wlps for everything and every animal, weather breeding or buying everything would still be paid for so what should it matter weather it is in our zoo or our friends zoo or who pays for it?! This would alleviate that ever familiar feeling that I know I had when I first started that everyone was helping me but I couldnt do anything to help them because I had nothing they didnt already have oodles of to send them! Guess my main point is that you would get your money either way so why should people new to zoo pay by not being able to get stuff release for a limited time earlier or people who love to play but cant afford some animals suffer?! Let peoples style and ideas separate their zoo not their bank account! Also I know if you had one of a money animal before it would let you purchase a second from the breeding nests so that you were able to breed it. you should reinstate this idea. Again we are paying for them, this just gives us the chance to do so! THANK YOU so much for an awesome fun game and keep up the awesome work!!!!!
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