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Thread: Runic Megalith FAQ

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    Runic Megalith FAQ

    Hello Lords and Ladies of Camelot!

    On this thread, we will be posting the frequently asked questions for the Runic Megalith event. We hope this clears any confusion regarding the event!

    • What is the Runic Megalith Event?
    o This is a special time-limited Alliance only event where players can attack and take control of special ‘Megalith’ tiles. Players will receive runes for controlling the tile and this acts as their score for the event.

    • How do I capture a Megalith tile?
    o At the start, each Megalith will have many troops defending it. These troops do not revive after battle and once they are defeated, the player who finished them off will take control of the Megalith. A preset number of bonus troops will come to reinforce the player when they first capture the Megalith. A player cannot send units to fortify the Megalith. Only the units who defeated the previous occupants will be there to defend it.

    • How does the scoring of the event work?
    o After capturing a Megalith tile, players will receive 1 rune for every second they hold a Megalith tile. So, if a player holds a tile for 5 minutes and are then defeated by a member of an opposing alliance, they will receive 5 x 60 Runes which is 300 Runes. These Runes are only used in ranking which Alliance and players controlled the Megaliths for the longest and cannot be used for any other purpose. Runes do not carry over from one event to the next.

    • After losing control of a Megalith tile, how long do I have to wait before I can attack the tile again?
    o Players will have to wait 30 minutes after losing control of a tile before attacking a tile again. Players can only control one Megalith tile at a time.

    • What tiles can I attack?
    o Players can attack tiles are controlled by a member of a different Alliance or unoccupied Megalith tiles. They cannot attack tiles controlled by a member of the same Alliance.

    • What buffs and items can I use during a Megalith event?
    o Throne room buffs, Champions, Guardians, Research, Consumable Item Buffs and all stat buffs or items granted from player’s cities will not be applicable in Megalith combat. However, scouting a tile is possible and the Eagle Eyes research does affect the level of scouting possible.
    However, there are specific consumable items that can be used in this event – Runic Aggression, Runic Endurance, Runic Swiftness, Runic Vitality and Runic Focus.

    • Where can I find Runic Megalith tiles?
    o Like Nomad and Mercenary camps, Megalith tiles will occupy Bog tiles on the map. We will also be updating the locations for every server on the forum when an event begins.

    • What is the War Cry Buff?
    o During a Megalith event, the Chancellor of an Alliance can use Amber stored in the Alliance HQ Vault to activate this buff. This is a special timed buff that lasts for an hour and applies to every member of the Alliance. The chancellor can buy the buff the buff repeatedly. Each time they buy the buff, it will add an hour to the buffs length. When the event ends, every member of the Alliance loses the buff.
    Whenever a player takes control of a Megalith tile, a default number of bonus troops are granted to the player’s unit to help them defend the Megalith. When the War Cry buff is active, double the number of these troops are added to the unit which makes defending the tile much easier.

    • What are the different types of prizes given for this event?
    o There are 3 different types of prizes given out:
    ? The player with the highest individual number of runes. This prize is given out regardless if their alliance performed well or not.
    ? The Alliance with the highest collective Runes. The prizes will be given out to every member of the Alliance as long as they sent out at least one attack on a Megalith.
    ? The player with the highest individual number of runes in a winning Alliance. So, in the first-place Alliance, the highest scoring players will get a prize and in the second-place Alliance, the highest scoring players will get a prize, etc.
    o Note that the all three prize types might not be given out each event and the prizes for each type will usually vary between events. Please check the Caravan message for the event for details.
    o Alliances are only ranked against other alliances in the same domain.

    • After losing control of a Megalith tile, I receive a message indicating a wrong number of Mystical Runes earned. Why is this happening?
    o In certain instances, the Rune score sent in the message is not updated to the latest score for the individual player. In this case, please check the Event Leaderboard to check your correct score for the event in case this occurs.

    Please let us know if you have any other doubts regarding the event and we'll be happy to answer them.

    Team KoC.

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    Here is the information on the Megaliths.
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