Carissimi della Kabam´vi sieti dimenticati del nostro dominio 304 i Megalith non sono arrivati.
Fate percortesia un controllo.
Prendo anche l'occasione per ricordarvi che aspettiamo la fusione del dominio 304 che avete annunciato.
Cordiali saluti
Lord Araknofobi.:

Runic Megalith Schedule
The powerful Runic Megaliths will soon arrive in Camelot for all of those with an Alliance HQ to fight over! Ready your armies, alert your Alliance members, and get ready to fight for fantastic prizes! The Runic Megaliths will visit your Domain on the following dates. Dates: February 1st @ 1 AM PST - February 2nd @ 12AM PST Domains: 304, 435, 441, 447, 451, 455, 457, 460 Dates: February 2nd @ 1AM PST - February 3rd @ 12AM PST Domains: 434, 439, 445, 449, 453, 456, 458, 459 Dates: February 3rd @ 1AM PST - February 4th @ 12AM PST Domains: 348, 415, 433, 444, 448, 450, 452, 454 For more information on the Runic Megaliths, please check the FAQ section in the forum. For details on what prizes you can win, please keep on the lookout for a separate Caravan message that will arrive at the same time as the Megaliths arrive on your domain! We will also be releasing many troop boxes in order to help you gain control of these Megaliths and win this prestigious event! These troop boxes will be on sale starting today! Thank you for playing Kingdoms of Camelot!