Hello Lords and Ladies of Camelot!

Here are some questions and answers regarding the upcoming Royal Conquest Event!

What is the Royal Conquest?
• The Royal Conquest is a new event that will be running occasionally throughout the lands of Camelot.

What do I do in this event?
• This is an event where you use a combination of your Troops and Throne Room against an enemy combination of Throne Room effects and troops. Choose your troops and Throne Room and attack the enemy for a chance to win great prizes. As you progress, the prizes will improve but so will the enemy you will face.

Will I lose troops in this event?
• Although you will be using your own troops in this event (select your city that contains your troops), you will not lose troops under any circumstance in this event, even if the enemy defeats you.

What are the Prize Tiers in this event?
• As you progress through the levels of the event by defeating the enemy, you will progress to the next prize tier. In total there are five prize tiers in this event and as you progress through them the prizes being awarded will also improve.

What are the Milestone Rewards?
• The Milestone Rewards are guaranteed one-time rewards (per event) awarded for defeating a particular level of that event. Check the Milestone bar in the ‘Prizes’ section to find out the awards available for the event that is running.

How can I participate in this Event?
• The event uses either Conquest Tokens or Campaign Tokens but not both together. These Tokens are used to attack the enemy and progress through the event. Based on the event, either the Conquest or Campaign token will be found in the Shop.

How many troops can I use per level?
• There is a limited number of troops you can use per level. This number increases as you progress but so does the number of enemy troops! You can view how many troops you can use right below the Troop selection section of the event.

How does damage work? Does it stack over multiple levels?
• In this event, unlike the Boss Battle, you must defeat the enemy in one go. If you do not kill all the troops in one go, they will be back to full strength the next round. However, you will still receive a prize even if you do not defeat the enemy. Please check the Announcement Caravan for a full list of prizes.

How is the enemy generated?
• The enemy is a generated combination of Throne Room Effects and Troops. A new and more powerful enemy is generated at every level. The difficulty is capped at a max level of 100. After this level, only the Throne Room effects and troops will change but the difficulty will remain the same. As you will notice, the enemy that you face at a particular level will be different compared to the enemy faced by other players.

Will I be able to use any Buffs in this event?
• No buffs can be used in this event. In the future, there might be event specific buffs created specially for this event.

Please let us know if you have any other doubts regarding this event and we'll be happy to answer them.

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Team KoC.